How to make fees payment online

How to make fees payment online

*As requested by a few, reposting this for smooth and early payment of annual membership and DJ attendance fee.*

Dear Members,

  • The payment gateway (PayU of HDFC bank) for Diamond Jubilee is live now, it is same as the last one, but heads are specific to the occasion.
  1. The website URL is – Website URL:
  2. The manual/ user workflow is attached for your reference.
  3. Through this both members and BR’s can pay.
  • Important time table with related payments.
  1. BRs to pay their batch contribution by 31th October 2022 (sooner it is better).
  2. Please don’t pay for any other dues along with Batch contribution.
  3. BRs to pay their personal dues in a separate transaction.
  4. Those attaining DJ function must pay membership of Rs.1,000 and DJ attendance fees of Rs.1,000 by 31st October 2022 (batches from 2016 to 2022, are not required to pay any membership but they have to pay Rs.500 towards DJ attendance fees).
  5. As DJ attendance fees is linked to payment of Membership, both must be paid through single transaction by putting the figures at appropriate cells. Pease do not pay these by separate transactions in order to avoid mismatch and linking one with other.
  6. We expect some donations from members also, which can be paid through this gateway. All donations will be highly appreciated and we can issue 80G certificates against such donations to enable members for claiming Income Tax benefits.

Your timely cooperation can only result in successful launching of DJ programme. Please stick to the time line and payment procedures, so that we are able to do financial planning in advance.

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